Cyr nods and climbs out of the pool. “My phone is down here, hold on.” He dried his hand on a towel and instantly started recording with his phone. “Hey, so I’m at the Broadcast Yourself house and it’s the first day and someone already jumped from the second floor into the pool and it might have been me since I’m all wet and my hair is wet and, yeah it was me.” He laughed as he rambled. “So I met Christina first here-” he pointed the camera up to her. “She’s in the show too and she got all jealous of my stunt so she’s gonna try and, you know, follow me up and hopefully not die! It’s what the people want! Right??” he smiled from behind the camera, filming her and backing up to get the whole jump in the frame. He held a thumbs up and laughed. 

"Oh yes." Christina nodded back, then hopped up on the railing, throwing her hands up and biting her lip nervously. "This is for you, Team Grimmie." She flipped the hair out of her eyes and made a heart with her hands. She then threw her hands up and took a step back. "NO TIME FOR FEAR, CHRISTINA AND CYR ARE HERE. IT’S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!" She yelled, then jumped off the building, screaming and getting into a cannonball position as she rocketed into the water, making a huge splash. Her head popped up out of the water a second later, a huge grin on her face. "THAT RAWWWKED!"


"Hi, Cyr! Wait, what did you say? I’m not stupiiid… Okay, maybe a little because of this. It’s what the people want!" He laughed and climbed over the railing. "It’s what the people want!! If I die, tell everyone I love them!" He looks at the camera and smiles. "I love you." He salutes and jumps off the balcony, pushing off with force in order to reach the water. He lands, flailing, and with a big splash. He surfaces and shakes his hair like a dog. "WOOOO!! IT’S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!!"

"Oh my god! I can’t believe you just did that!” Christina burst out laughing, genuinely impressed. She clapped as he shook his hair out. “Now come up here and film me doin’ that so we can make a pretty video. It’s what the people want!” she giggled again, slightly nervous, though it barely came across in her voice.


"Over here, slow poke!!" yelled Cyr from the opposite balcony. "Got this room just for this." He smiles, wearing silver swim trunks. He pushed his hair back as he thought about the distance from the balcony railing to the actual pool one floor below. "Oh my gooood, oh my goood. I should vlog this. Oh my god, I should vlog this. I’m scared, heheheh." He chuckled and glanced at her and then back to the pool. 

"Vlog..? WAIT!" Christina grinned, running back inside to grab her camera off her bed, then turned and ran back, turning it on as she was running. She flipped around and started talking to it as she made her way down the hall. "Hey guys, Christina here, and oh my god, I don’t know how many of you know the YouTuber Cyr, but he’s really awesome, I’ll put a link to his channel somewhere," she smiled and bit her lip, flipping the camera around. "But uh, we just got here, the house we’re gonna be filming the show at, and he’s already being stupid. SAY HI, CYR!" she yelled, giggling a little in anticipation for the jump they’d both be doing.


“5.” He smiled wickedly and ran past her down the stairs, pulling his shirt up and over his head while running. “WOAH!” He yelled, almost tripping on the bottom steps. He managed to stay up and ran up the opposite set of stairs. 

“GET IN, LOSERS, WE’RE GOING POOL….ING!” He yelled so the whole house could hear. 

"Oh my god," Christina rolled her eyes and laughed, walking back into her room so she could change. She grabbed the bag she’d specifically packed for clothes and opened it, pulling out the first bathing suit she found—a pretty black and white Ed Hardy bikini she’d bought before she left home. She quickly glanced around the room, seeing a camera in one of the corners, and, thinking the better of the situation, took her suit into the bathroom and changed there.

As soon as she was done, she grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom, tossing her old clothes onto her bed, and quickly walked outside onto the balcony, her excitement obvious. “Come on, Cyr! Where are ya?”


"Come with me." He smirks at her, staring right into her eyes with a pretty powerful look. He was completely serious.

Christina returned the look, smirking and rolling her eyes at him, her fingers lingering as she touched the railing for the stairs. She could tell he was being serious, and she coolly hid her excitement. “I will. It’s already, what, 7? Go change into your bathing suit, meet me outside in ten.”




“Just call me Cyr, it’s what everyone calls me.” He turned back around and stood in the doorway. “Oh, I don’t know. Wandering. Wanderer. Wander. I wander.” He smiled.

“If you say so, Cyr.” Christina smiled, crawling out of bed and pulling the hoodie she’d been wearing off…

“Gaaaaawd.” He slumps forward and sulks behind her before laughing. He straightens up and looks around. “I need to jump off the balcony into the pool one night. I will.”

Christina looked at him, laughing. “Are you serious?” she smiled at him mischieviously. “Want to make that night tonight?”



((So I told Cyr I roleplay as him and him and Stefan are both amazed. And they don’t understand how I can do it; they say it’s impossible. Well, I’m gonna try, Cyr! <3 ))

((Aww, that’s so cute c:))


"Just call me Cyr, it’s what everyone calls me." He turned back around and stood in the doorway. "Oh, I don’t know. Wandering. Wanderer. Wander. I wander." He smiled.

"If you say so, Cyr." Christina smiled, crawling out of bed and pulling the hoodie she’d been wearing off over her head. She tossed it onto the bed and walked out after him. "Do you, now? Allow me to wander with you. I wanna check this place out more." she grinned excitedly after walking right past him. "Come on, can’t you ever keep up?



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